Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Simple and Easy Ornament Craft!

I love the idea of making a homemade ornament each year with Lauren. I also love the idea of making a homemade ornament that doesn't cost a ton of money!!! I am sure I am not original on this idea but I thought I would share what Lauren and I made for this year's ornament. *Warning, if you are a grandparent this post will be a big spoiler!!!*

First I got out some popsicle sticks. I had a ton left over that I had purchased when teaching so they didn't cost me anything! Lauren went to town painting them green. I was super impressed that she wanted to paint the whole stick green. She kept saying, "no white, mama" and it was a proud moment for me! =)

I love how these pictures show how serious she was about painting those sticks. =)

Now, the only thing that cost me anything for these ornaments was to get her picture printed. I have a laminator at home so I laminated them for durability. And, also because I just love to use it and it makes me happy.

While Lauren napped I got out my hot glue gun and glued three sticks together to form a triangle, or a Christmas tree if you will. I fished out some yellow buttons, but you could use glue and glitter, stars cut out of foam, yellow pom pom balls, etc. for the top of the tree. Then, I cut her laminated photos to fit the back of the Christmas tree. I hot glued the picture (which was perfect since they were laminated) right to the back of the tree. I got really fancy with the red pipe cleaner hangers. ;) Those are hot glued to the back of the tree for durability. To finish our simple tree off I wrote the year with gold glitter glue in the bottom right hand corner. You could definitely have your child decorate the tree with glitter or pom pom balls or whatever, but I really wanted to stay true to what Lauren could do. This year, painting those popsicle sticks was a huge accomplishment and the whole thing was SO relaxing and not stressful at all because I wasn't pushing her to do more than she could handle or had the attention span for.

I love that I have ornaments I made when I was a little girl hanging on my grandparent's tree and I hope that Lauren will love looking at this ornament over the years. I am sure I'll cry every year I bring it out because, my goodness, she is growing too fast!

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  1. What a precious little angel-perfect for a Christmas tree!