Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I had a dream this Christmas. A dream that included a three-foot tall tree and a little girl's eyes lighting up. So, when Hobby Lobby ran their sweet little trees on sale for $12.99 I jumped on the opportunity. Lauren was with me and helped me pick out the one she wanted from the display ones. I thought she made a wonderful choice. The other night, before the big tear-jerking growing up of my daughter right before my eyes, we all went in and set her little tree up.

She was so excited that it was as big as she was. She was dancing around the room and sort of helping Shawn as he got the sweet little tree to look just right.

Lauren wanted to show me all the pretty lights and I think that this picture is just precious.

About a week or so ago Lauren and I were in Hobby Lobby again for something and I thought it might be fun for her to pick out some ornaments for her tree. The first thing she liked were these beads, which there were like a million too many of and we had to cut. Ha! They sure do look precious on her tree though.

She also picked this Elmo ornament out. It was so adorable to watch her look through all the ornaments for the perfect ones for her tree. She fell in love with Elmo and carried him through the store for the rest of our trip. So glad he has a home on her little tree. Also, how precious are those hands putting him on?

I helped Lauren add the pretty pinkish purple balls and the tiny silver ones to complete her tree.

Even though most of the ornaments ended up very close to each other, I still loved watching her think about where she wanted to put each one. Such a sweet memory!

With the lights out, it looks so beautiful!!!

I am so glad we started this little tradition! What fun it will be to see what new ornament she adds each year!

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