Monday, December 13, 2010

I Want THIS Book

One of my favorite blogs is Ann Voskamp's, A Holy Experience. If you have never checked it out, I totally urge you to go there and read and read and read. The girl has words. I don't even know how she writes like she does, but she draws you in and makes you want to be better. I promise. It is fantastic. Anyway, she has a book coming out in January that I want so bad I can taste it called, One Thousand Gifts. The problem doesn't come out until January. And I want to read it now. Like RIGHT NOW. My friend, Mandie sent me an email today that said her book will be released in the Kindle version (which you can read right on your computer) Tuesday, December 14th. The only problem is that I am kind of a book snob. I like to hold my books close and smell their pages (yes, I totally do that). So, do I wait and hope to get the real life book, or do I go all crazy and buy the down-loadable version?


  1. I am also a book snob....but i got a Kindle last year and soon loved the convenience of it. So I say - if you just cannot wait - go ahead and download..then get the book to fill that hole in the bookshelf in January!!!

  2. I'd say hold out. Busy times are here and it will be here before you know it!