Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas at Nammy and Big Papa's

We started our Christmas festivities the Wednesday before Christmas. With lots of family, we try to spend equal amount of time with everyone. It's also important for us to spend Christmas morning at our own house as a little family so we figured out that it works best to spend the couple of days leading up to Christmas with one side of the family and then the days after with the other side of the family. Basically this year it looked like this: Wednesday through Christmas Eve night with my family, drive home Christmas Eve and sleep in our own beds to wake up and have Christmas morning with our little fam, drive to the other family later on Christmas night and spend a couple of days after there. We switch the order each year of who we go see before and who we see after Christmas. It sounds confusing but it is seeming to work for us!

So anyway, this year we headed to my parents' house and enjoyed lots of fun time with them leading up to Christmas! Of course Lauren loved being loved on and ate up all of the attention. It's like she is neglected at home or something, ha!

My dad put lights on the house this year just for Lauren. She absolutely loved them and I thought it was so sweet that he did it just for her!

 There were so many presents. We are very blessed.

Big Papa getting ready for presents!!!

I have no idea what my mom was doing, but it cracks me up!

Shawn got Victoria a turtle neck. It's a little inside joke, that we were all dying laughing from!!!

Shawn and Zach both got gift cards to Bass Pro with women on them! Gross!!!

I was so super excited to get Fiesta dinnerware!!! 

My parents got Shawn a Keurig.He was so excited!!! Honestly, I am too! Decaf coffee, baby!!!

Zach got Lauren this ADORABLE Minnie Mouse pillow. She loves it and has to sleep with it every night. 

My littlest brother (who isn't so little anymore) got a new gun. 

Lauren got the sweetest apron that Victoria and her grandma made. She loves it and wants to match mommy every time I wear mine! Precious.