Wednesday, February 24, 2010

those poor babies on american idol

I've been an avid fan of American Idol for years and I'm gonna be real honest here...I've always been pretty critical of the people performing. I mean I have such expertise on judging people's musical skills *insert sarcastic grin* and all.

Anyway, I have never really experienced the feelings that I have been feeling this year. Maybe it's because I am a momma, maybe I am just PMSing. I don't really know, but all I can think about is that each one of those performers is somebody's baby. And for ever harsh and critical word the judges dole out, there is a mom whose heart breaks in pieces. A mom who aches as she watches her child face rejection head on. A mom who would probably duke it out with Simon and take him. After all, he's bashing her baby.

And so this year I sit and cheer and cry (only a couple of times) and think of those moms out there.


  1. Sweet, but I promise you, you'll grow out of some of that empathy. I just think A.I. picks people to fail, which isn't right... They have a "few" good singers (ringers) and then the rest, who they tear to shreds.

  2. I think there are so many really young ones this year. However, it was a pretty rough first night for all of the guys.

  3. So when I was pregnant with Kyler my first year of teaching, one of my student's mom said, "oh you'll be an even better teacher after your have a child of your own." I totally didn't get it, but after having Kyler and jumping back into the classroom, I felt the way you posted about...each of student was someone's baby and I was entrusted with their precious child all day long. It definitely changed me as a teacher!

    I know, BIG American Idol fan here!

  4. You are very musically talented :). Maybe you should apply to be a judge!