Monday, February 15, 2010

spring please come quickly

If I were feeling up to it there would be pictures for this post. However, I am not feeling up to it and so you just get my words. Lucky you.

I am sick. I've been sick since Thursday. I literally felt it creep into my body Thursday afternoon when I was observing one of my darling practicum students teach her very first lesson ever. It was a weird experience.

Today I finally broke down and called the doctor. I went in this afternoon and found out that I've been dealing with a pretty intense sinus infection. That totally makes sense seeing as how the whole middle part of my face hurts like nothing and my ears keep popping. I opted for the shot and a week long stint of antibiotics and I am hoping and praying that I will feel better very, very, very soon.

Is anybody else ready for spring?


  1. Jen, I am sooooooo ready for spring! I too am home sick today. Finally, finally we had a three day weekend and wouldn't ya know it...I spent the entire time at home with a 102 temp. The romantic Chateau weekend in Branson will have to wait. :( I also have a sinus infection AND bronchitis. Yuck! To top it off, Bec now has strepp. You'd think I never clean my house or something! I hope you feel better very soon and the germs relinquish themselves to stick to you and not your little cutie.

  2. That's where you've been! I've been worried about you! Praying you recover quickly!