Thursday, February 04, 2010 you realize that we are totally grown-ups now?

We went to eat dinner last night with our friends Tanner and Kelly. Have I ever told the story of how we met? No, well maybe I will sometime. Maybe I won't. I am bad with blog promises. I'll give you a teaser - it wasn't in this country.

We met a while before this season of parenthood that we are now all in and honestly when I look back it seems like eons ago! We used to stay up until *gasp* 1 or 2 in the morning playing board games, guitar hero, or watching movies. We ordered pizza often and usually had a standing date twice a month.

Flash forward to last night. As Kelly and I were putting down the sticky placemats and the men were wrangling the children into the seat protector covered high chairs I stopped and said, "do you guys realize that we are totally grown-ups now?" It was a weird moment. A good moment, but definitely weird. See, this was our first dinner out as two families instead of two couples. I don't know how it has been this long but I am going to totally blame it on the crazy way that having a baby changes your life or something like that.

Anyway, there we were... a table of six instead of a table of four. A table of six very happy, extremely busy, quickly eating, baby pacifying friends.

The kiddos, Lauren and Ryan. Lauren liked to try to feed him.

Trying to get them both to look. Yeah right.

Kelly and her little man, Ryan.

Little miss Lolo and me.

Ryan looks so happy to be a part of their family. :)

I was tickling Lauren's leg to get her to smile. She refuses to smile and usually just gives a blank stare. Goofy girl!

I feel so blessed to be enjoying/enduring this new season of parenthood with these guys. Yes, our lives may look different than they did three years ago, but not a single one of us would change it.

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  1. Awww! Sweet post! We had lots of fun. You left out the part about how Ryan ended the night by screaming his head off all the way home.