Friday, June 26, 2009

a confession

Lauren does not like to watch baby videos. Some little ones are just enthralled by them and will stop whatever they are doing when they come on. Not my Lolo. She could care less about some video with bright pictures and soothing music. In a stupid state of mind driven by an extremely good sale, I purchased the Hooked on Baby dvds made by Hooked on Phonics. Oh I knew she would probably never sit still long enough to actually learn something but the price and my dreams of a few moments to myself pushed me forward. I've probably had these dvd's for a month or so but I just never got around to putting one in. I mean seriously why would I waste my time trying to find 3 different remotes to get it all set up just so she could crawl down the hall into the bathroom and pull all my toilet paper off of the roll?! Come on now, I know my daughter well for pity's sake.

Today I decided I was going to try this whole video thing again. I mean my primary focus is her learning, right? I had a briliant plan that involved her high chair and yummy snacks. Beware - this is not for the faint of heart. I know... I know the research out there about not putting baby in front of a tv and, horror of horrors, the stories of babies growing up to be obese because their mamas let them eat in front of the tv (gasp!). I know those things, but you know what - yesterday I didn't care! There I was breaking all kinds of cardinal sins. But, let me tell you something - it worked. Glory, glory it worked!

And here, my friends is the proof:

Isn't that beautiful? And if you don't think so, I'd be glad to let you borrow my overly inquisitive and extremely fast 11 month old for an afternoon. I am sure every single one of your cabinets, drawers, and shelves would look exactly the same when she left as they did when she got there. Oh yes, I am just sure of it.


  1. You do what it takes sister!

  2. You are so funny. I really think is is important to not listen to what others tell you and do what is right for you. A little food in front of the TV never hurt nobody!!!

  3. If food in front of the TV is bad, then I get the loser mom of the year award! HA!