Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let The Birthday Celebrations Begin!

Party #1 ~ Meme and Papa Wayne's House

This year we decided to take it easier on ourselves and do several small parties for Lauren instead of one great big one here at the house. So far, Lauren hasn't seemed to mind one bit. She really ended up lucking out with three parties her agenda. 

This past weekend we made our way to Eldon to visit Shawn's parents and brother and to celebrate our growing up girl turning 3. *tear* Lauren and I went to the party store the week before and I let her choose what three different themes she wanted for her parties. She loved getting to make the choices (and I think she chose mighty fine if I do say so myself!) and being such a big girl. For her party in Eldon she chose a Minnie Mouse theme!!! We found plates and napkins, a birthday banner, and cute table confetti to decorate with.

 Bev and Wayne ordered a super cute Minnie and Mickey mouse cake for us to enjoy as well. 

When Saturday night rolled around we were all excited to decorate for Lauren's big party. Shawn's brother, Scott and his wife Allison helped get everything set up while Wayne held Easton and Bev played with and distracted Lauren. :) It was such a precious moment for me. Watching all these people who love Lauren so much help put a little party together for her was a moment I won't soon forget. 

Easton was such a good little man as we decorated for his big sister's party. Of course he loved all the attention he was getting from his Papa Wayne.

I am so glad I caught this face on camera. How precious is that? She was certainly giving it her all!

Lauren wanted the piece of cake with Mickey on it so Shawn gave her that whole piece!

Shawn and his brother, Scott. I love these guys. They are hilarious to be around and I am so thankful that for the rest of our lives we will get to hang out together and have fun together. Scott's wife Allie is just precious and I like to think that she and I balance out the crazy that is in these guys. :)

Easton was a bit tired after all the festivities. How sweet is that?!

She got lots of fun things from Meme and Papa Wayne. :)

One of her favorite gifts was the Mermaid Dora doll that Uncle Scott and Aunt Allie got her. She swims in the bathtub!!! 
*gotta love the chocolate cake on her face, ha!*

We had such a fun time celebrating our little girl with Shawn's family. She is so lucky to have family that loves her so much.

A Few Videos of the Festivities!