Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Party #2 ~ The Actual Day

On Lauren's actual birthday Shawn woke up early to head to the store to pick her up her annual birthday balloons. This year he also picked her up her own bouquet of purple (her favorite) flowers. I just about melted inside when I saw he had done that. I am so grateful that her first flowers are from her daddy. I hope there are many more in the years to come from him to her. I've said it before and I will say it again, she is such a lucky lady to have Shawn as her father. He will show her through his actions and his kind heart just what to look for in a future spouse. What a gift he is giving her even at this young of an age. 

Anyway, when he got back I fed Easton and then we all went into her room to wake her up and sing her Happy Birthday!!! She was so shy and crawled right over all her "guys" (stuffed animals) to hug me and bury her head in my shoulder. Ha! She soon warmed up though and we let the festivities begin. 

Shawn had already prepared the annual birthday pancakes (which I am SO sad I did not get a picture of this year) and so we all got right to work eating our yummy breakfast. Shawn and I had toyed around and around with the idea of what to do special for her birthday this year. He took off work again to celebrate (which again I think is such a sweet thing for my super busy hubby to do for his girl) but it was so incredibly hot that most everything we would have wanted to do outside was just completely out of the question. :( So, we decided to pack up the kids and head to Branson to let Lauren go to the Disney Store and pick out some things she wanted with her birthday money. 

Right outside of the store was this mechanical horse and since it was her birthday and I had enough quarters she got to ride. She liked it for about .5 seconds and then she was all sad faced. 

I love this picture of my two favorite men. Easton did so great and slept most of the time. 

We came home and let Lauren take a nap and then we headed to Sam's to get her surprise present!!! Shawn and I have been so excited to get Lauren a trampoline and we knew she would LOVE it. I mean, what kid wouldn't right? Well, we get to Sam's and we let her pick out a cake (since I dropped the ball on picking up a cake mix at the store) and headed over to the trampolines. We showed her the box and she said, "My no want it." ~ WHAT? She didn't want anything to do with it. We explained what she could do on it, we showed her the one set up in the store. Nothing. She did. not. want. it. Shawn and I were heartbroken. Our big surprise went out the window. We both decided that since she wasn't the least bit excited about it we would hold off and wait. No reason to spend big bucks on something she has absolutely no interest in. So, we left Sam's with a cake. Totally not what we expected. 

When we got home we had dinner and then we sang happy birthday and ate cake. She didn't seem fazed at all that her only present that day from us was a Rapunzle barbie doll she had opened earlier. 

She wanted Cars plates and decor for her birthday with us. :)

Here she is making her wish and blowing out the candles. I cannot believe that she is actually three years old. When I look at her I can still see that tiny little baby the nurse placed in my arms three years ago. My heart hurts that she is growing so fast, but oh my she is a beautiful little lady...inside and out. 

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