Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey Baby Let's Go To Vegas...

....I wish!

Ha, with two sweet, darling, children (one of whom will not take a bottle) Vegas just isn't an option for us right now. But, have no fear! I decided to surprise Shawn with a Vegas night at home for our anniversary! 7 years seemed like the perfect time to celebrate with a little Vegas theme!

The dinner table aka Super Fancy Restaurant.

Shawn's gift: Half a year's worth of pre-planned dates. Each month has a manilla envelope. Inside the envelope is a clue for him. These will be at home dates since we can't really go out a lot. :) These will be a surprise for him since the envelopes are sealed and can only be opened on the day of the date. 

The decor (very classy, ha!):

We had a lot of fun pretending we were in Vegas for a short time and it was certainly nice to spend quality time with the hubs! I'm looking forward to the rest of our dates!!!

*This idea and others came from here*

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  1. Easy to see why the seven years have been so wonderful!