Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Three Months, Easton!

Dear Easton,

Well, my little man, you are growing up. Three months is a big milestone for you. You are not really considered a newborn anymore and are venturing into the stage of babyhood. We are so excited to see you become your own little person but it is still a bit sad to leave the past stage behind. I guess that's part of life though. I always pray that I can be completely in each and every stage of yours and your sister's lives.

*Blanket made by your Meme Hutsell*

There is no way to describe how perfectly you have completed our family. No way to describe how up until just three months ago we didn't know what we were missing. No way to describe the way you showed up and completely stole the hearts of every person in this house. Your sister is your biggest fan. She loves you more than anything and still asks for you every time she wakes up. She worries about you when you are crying and makes sure that I know I need to get in there and take care of you. I pray that your relationship with her will be one of the sweetest in your life. She will be your built in best friend. I pray that you will realize just how special that is.

Easton, you are getting so big! You weigh around 13 pounds and are in the 100th percentile for height! You are definitely in only size 3-6 month clothing. It is time to pack away those 0-3 month clothes that are taking up space in your dresser. You have your daddy's long arms. It cracks me up that you can be in a pair or pajamas that fit you length wise and the sleeves will stop at your forearm or the top of your wrists. You will make one lady very happy one day since you will be able to reach everything in the upper cabinets. You are wearing size 1-2 or size 2 diapers. For being as long as you are you aren't all that chunky...there is more of a solidness about you. You look adorable in your little summer shorts and tee shirts and you especially look cute in all of your St. Louis Cardinal apparel! I am looking forward to the fall when you start sporting the Mizzou-wear and making your daddy oh so proud.

You have the sweetest smile in the world. You are still pretty stingy with them, preferring to be serious and intent on whatever you are studying. You can easily recognize my voice and you will follow us with your eyes wherever we go. You have started gripping things with your sweet little hands. You will grab my hands and hold on to them with all your might. You also love the little plastic links that hang from your activity mat. Another absolute favorite of yours is your little taggy blanket Mandie made you. You grab it and rub it on your face or put it in your mouth. It is so sweet to watch you become more involved with the things around you. You also really love your WubbaNub. We think you are absolutely precious when you have that little monkey. It is perfect for you and your little grabby hands. You suck on the pacifier and cling to the monkey. You have started squealing...especially when you are happy! You flail your arms and legs like you are really going somewhere and just coo and squeal to your heart's delight. Lauren loves it when you "talk" to her and she makes up what she thinks you are saying to her. Could it get more precious than that?

As far as sleeping goes you are still not sleeping great during the day for your naps (which I totally expect). You are pretty sporadic about them. Some days you will sleep in your crib for an hour (hallelujah!) and other days the most I can get you to sleep on your own is around 20 minutes. I know that your naps will start to settle into a routine so I am not too worried about it but it sure would be nice to have a little bit of time to get some stuff done!  At night you are still sleeping in the bassinet by the side of my bed. We've been considering moving you to your crib in your own room, but you are still waking up every 3-4 hours and it is so much easier right now to just grab you, nurse you, and then put you right back to bed without me having to get up. Selfish of me, but I need my sleep! I am sure it won't be long though until we have to move you. You are almost too big for the bassinet as long as you are.

You will not take a bottle. You scream and cry and throw the biggest fits in the world when we try to give you one. It's not that I mind nursing you exclusively, it's just that sometimes it would be nice to go on a date or something, ha! We keep trying to get you to take one but you are pretty set in your ways right now. Maybe as you get older? Or maybe when you start eating rice cereal we can leave you for longer periods of time.

I know I tell you this all of the time, but I love you son. I love you more than I ever thought I was capable of loving another child. I pray that you will grow up knowing how deeply you are loved not only by me and your daddy and sister but most importantly by your Father in Heaven. I pray that you will have a heart that runs to Him, that desires Him, and that finds joy in learning about Him. You are an incredible gift. One I am so unworthy of. I thank God every single day that He made me your mother. I love this job He has called me to. I love spending my days with you. I. Love. You.

I love you to the moon and back fourteen million times,

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