Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CARS 2!!!

Shawn and I were so excited when we found out that  Cars was coming to theaters in July! We both knew we wanted to take Lauren to celebrate her birthday. This was her very first movie theater experience ever and we talked it up for weeks and weeks. Nammy was so sweet to come and play with Easton while Shawn and I got to take Lauren out for our little date. She sent us a sweet picture of him while we were at the movie and he seemed to be doing just fine soaking up all of her attention. Poor child doesn't really have a chance when Lauren is around, ha!

Of course, my little shy bug didn't want to take any pictures at first.  

Once we had the popcorn though she warmed right up. What a face, right? The flash was pretty bright. :)

Mater* enjoyed watching the movie with us, especially since he was quite the star in this one!
*Shawn and I got Mater when we were a young married couple contemplating having kids. We spur of the moment picked it up in the Disney store knowing it would one day belong to our child. I've prayed many a prayer for my unborn children because of that little tow truck. It is such a full circle for us to see him in the arms of our firstborn.*

Lauren did AMAZING in the movie! Aside from one slight mishap when her clumsy mother spilled soda all over the two of them things went really well. For the record, I felt terrible about dousing my daughter with soda on her first movie outing but after apologizing to her in the bathroom and hearing her say, "It's o-tay Mama" over and over I knew she was fine. We made it through the entire movie (not something either Shawn or I were expecting) and even though the movie was a little "darker" than the first one, we really liked it. Lauren took turns sitting on mine and Shawn's laps and let me tell you those were some mighty special moments for this mama.

Now, what will our next movie date be?

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