Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grammys and A Huge Disappointment

Ummmm, I know it is Valentines Day and I have a sweet post coming about my family and love and all that, but can somebody please tell me what was up with the Grammys last night? They were seriously HORRIBLE. I'm not even that old and I couldn't stomach half of the performances. Not cool. But, what made the whole experience worse was when Johnny Depp, I mean John Mayer stepped out on stage.

John, how could you? Don't you know that this look has never worked for you before?

It's not good, buddy...not good. And, although I still LOVE your music I just cannot support your new stylist. Please fire him or her and cut that hair and scary beard off.



  1. LOL! I can't believe that's John Mayer!

  2. I am laughing out loud!! You are so funny!! Wasn't John Mayer scary looking? He used to be cute, and now he's kinda chubby and weird looking. I agree, the Grammy's left a lot to be desired...