Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Easton at 30 Weeks in 3D!

Monday Shawn and I headed to the doctor for my 30 week visit. First of all, it seems absolutely crazy to me that I am already 30 weeks along. This pregnancy has gone by so much faster to me. Probably because I have a sweet little toddler taking up a lot of my time and energy! I wouldn't change that for the world though. Our doctor's office likes to do an ultrasound around week 30 to make sure baby is in the correct position and to take all sorts of measurements.

We were super excited to see how much our little guy had grown and changed since our ultrasound at 20 weeks. But, mostly we just wanted to make sure everything looked good and our little man looked healthy.

We didn't sign up for the 3D ultrasound. We just couldn't figure spending the extra money when we will get to see him in person in just 10 short weeks, but our sweet ultrasound technician switched it over for us to get a really good look at him in 3D anyway! We couldn't believe how adorable he was. And, of course, the pictures do not do him justice. He was sleeping during the ultrasound and I think I could have watched him stick his tongue out, and stretch, and pucker his mouth for hours.

Our doctor went over the ultrasound findings with us and said that everything looks great! Easton weighs about 3 pounds and 4 ounces right now and falls in the 45th percentile so we are looking at a very average size (thank you, Lord!) baby. Lauren was 7 pounds 5 ounces so we are hoping for somewhere in that range again! Our due date is still April 12th and after seeing his sweet face and hands we are more ready than ever to hold our precious son.

A funny big sister moment happened when I texted my mom a picture of Easton's ultrasound and she showed Lauren. Lauren said, "my baby comes." Ha! Isn't that great?!?!


  1. Jen, I can't describe the joy it is to watch your little one meet their new siblings for the first time. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about my boys. It's just precious. Your family instantly feels more complete. I'm SO happy for you, Shawn, and Lauren!!! And I can't wait to meet sweet baby Easton!!! :D

  2. Such an exciting time. I'm so happy for you. Love,

  3. Jen- Just thinking about you and thought I would pop on over to your blog, which by the way, looks cuter than ever! (I really do need to hire your blog designer!) Easton looks so adorable in his ultrasound! Congrats on the boy-- so exciting. So good to see that you all are doing well! I bet Lauren will adjust just fine. It was a little hard on Reid at first, when Bella came, but now she is 5 months and he is doing wonderfully with her. (I can't remember if I got the word out to you that my blog address has changed, but this is the new address:

    Take care,
    Melissa DeGroot