Monday, March 14, 2011

The Planner In Me

Well, as you know we are down to 5 weeks baby! Possibly even sooner if my doctor decides to induce me. There is a possibility of that actually happening since I am going to also be having surgery done to fix my umbilical hernia while in the hospital. Anyway, those of you who know me well know that I am a planner. I love to plan and be prepared for whatever is ahead. It doesn't always happen and there have definitely been some curve balls thrown during this pregnancy, but all in all, I do not like to go into something with no preparation.

With five weeks left and a big list of items I want to get accomplished, I decided I would break them down into weekly goals and tasks to accomplish. Here is what I have so far!!!

1st week - Closets & Clothes
I actually completed this last week and I am so excited. My main goal was to get Easton's newborn and 0-3 month clothes washed and put away. I also wanted to organize his closet, and wash his sheets and blankets and changing pad cover. I decided to go ahead and get Lauren's closet ready for spring as well. I packed up anything she had outgrown, and made sure she was ready for the nicer weather!

 Tiny pajamas and swaddle blankets!

Adorable and oh so small onesies, pants, and outfits.

 His hanging clothes!

I've been stockpiling on diapers and wipes and so I got those all organized and ready in his closet! I feel so good about having these all ready and on hand!

2nd week - Easton's Room & Deep Clean of the House
This is the week I am currently on. My plan is to finally finish his canvas!!! And, I have a few special touches to add to his walls. My friend, Carissa, made the neatest print for his room that I cannot wait to get printed and hung!!! His nursery bedding won't be in until the last week of March (argh) but I hope to have every other little detail completed this week. I have plans to set up my "nursing station" and I want to make sure I have everything needed for his changing area. Not entirely sure what little boys need in that area, so any suggestions for things I might not have thought about would be great!

I also have plans to scrub the showers and floors, dust ceiling fans, wash windows, clean out a few drawers, etc. before doing so becomes completely impossible

3rd week  - Pack the Hospital Bag(s)
This week my goal is to get my hospital bag packed and Easton's diaper bag ready to go! I need to wash my cute pajamas and the hospital gown my Meme made for me (hoping I get to actually wear it while giving is too cute!). I want to make a master list of everything I will need that I can't pack right away (toiletries, etc) so that if I should go into labor I can quickly look at my list, gather my things, and go! Do you have any suggestions for things I should take?

I am also going to get Lauren's Big Sister Bag ready. Shawn and I have been collecting little fun odds and ends for her over the past couple of months. She'll be able to use this bag in the hospital or at home to color, play with puzzles, read books, etc. 

4th week - Freezer Cooking
My sweet friend Mandie set up a meal train for me for after Easton is born and several sweet friends have signed up to bring us meals for those first few days home from the hospital but I wanted to take some time and cook up a bunch of meals that will freeze well that we can eat those first couple of months. I know I will be exhausted and it will be so nice to know there are quick and easy meals ready for us if we need them!

5th week - Hair, Nails, & Relax
This will be the final week before his due date, so I plan on getting my hair done and going to get a pedicure with my friend Amber. I also hope to have all the major stuff done so that I can just chill before Easton gets here. I hope to spend a lot of quality time with Lauren and maybe go on a fun family date of three for the last time!

6th week - Easton's Birth Week
Or at least his due date week. Wonder if that boy will show up early or late? Hopefully I will be ready! :)


  1. I found that baby wash cloths were good to have on hand to cover Ryan while I was changing him. They seemed to do the best job of soaking up the infamous spray that comes with having a baby boy instead of me getting a shower I didn't want.

  2. I really like the list you made - I told my husband that I need to do something like that as well! So organized! LOVE IT! :-)

    I remember changing Tristan when he was a "wee one" and he would PEE on us..LOL! We learned to have everything READY before we even start the diaper change. We would go ahead and get the new diaper ready to scoot under his clean little booty before he had a chance to pee on us. Sometimes I wouldn't pull the diaper back all the way (for pee diapers) so that I could have a little protection incase of a leak. You will learn the best routine for you guys and it will be a piece of cake! Those first few weeks you are guaranteed to get peed on.. we just laughed when it happened - what else can you do?!

    Things I wish I would have brought to the hospital with me:

    a FAN - thankfully they had one.. but I'm gonna bring my own next time.

    a Book or Laptop - to have something to do during the days after when the baby is asleep and I wanted to see what my friends we doing or just RELAX (with a book)

    Snacks for ME for after the delivery :-)

    I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see his cute little face! Boys are SO MUCH FUN.. he will melt your heart!!

  3. Great ideas!

    I would get a peepee-teepee or just use a washcloth. I cannot TELL you how many times we got pee'd on the first month. Every time the cold air would hit him when we'd open the diaper, it was over;) He eventually grew out of it though.

    If you're getting him circumcised, you'll need vaseline (to keep the gauze from sticking to the cut area). The hospital will probably give you the gauze. Also, while it's healing, you're supposed to lay it up, which means he will pee all over himself--just be prepared for lots of wardrobe changes. As soon as it heals, you can start laying it down and that will fix it:)

    I can't wait to see the little guy!

  4. Love your countdown! You are such a planner! Love it!

    Some things I remember that I had in my hospital bag:
    (I had a bag packed of everything I could have ready and a list on top of it with everything I needed to grab last minute)
    Slippers, cozy socks, multiple copies of Birth Plan (if you have one), people to call/text list for hubby, unscented lotion for deep tissue back massages during labor, mini fan was awesome to have during labor, no pacifier/formula sign for nurses on the bassinet during those important first days of breastfeeding, ponytail holders, toiletries, makeup, camera, laptop, baby blankets and clothes, nursing gowns, nursing bras, lanolin, pump, feeding/diaper chart, cash for sending people on errands, carseat ready in car, my own towel and washcloth, hubby bag- toiletries, extra clothes, snacks, sibling bag with extra clothes and snacks and toys, diapers, wipes...

    If your having Easton circumcised, something we had to get last minute when we got home was triple antibiotic ointment and gauze during the few days after.

    So excited for you!

  5. FIrst of all...IMPRESSIVE! :) Love the list/countdown! I'm a list girl this made me smile! And, secondly, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about the little activity! Hope your little girl loves it! :) GOOD LUCK with Easton...
    And, I have two boys and have only gotten Tee-teed on 2 or 3 times. Just get fast!!! :)