Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days. Those beautiful and glorious and special in the most random of ways days.

Lauren and I went to the grocery store in the morning and I bought myself flowers just because. Just because they were only $2.50 and my kitchen table is much happier when there are blooms in the middle of it.

While Lauren napped I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. We are talking hands and knees scrubbing the floors and showers. It felt so good. It smelled good too.

After naptime we took advantage of the glorious weather outside. We've been slowly (and I do mean slowly) working on the letter A so I thought it might be fun to do some A painting outside.

Of course my little darling needed her sunglasses.

Then, we looked for flowers and buds blooming. Lauren hit the jackpot with the little white and blue weeds flowers in our yard. She wanted me to carry all the flowers she picked for me in my pockets.

We played Follow the Leader for a looooong time and she was just the cutest thing. :)

For dinner we had this amazing dish. Seriously - it was so scrumptious and Shawn and I both LOVED it. To me, you can't go wrong with bowtie pasta, feta cheese, and olive oil. Of course, go here for the actual recipe. I added grilled chicken to ours and didn't put quite as much olive oil as it called for and it was so fantastic.

It seemed like the perfect night for a fruit salad as well. Super yummy!!!

Shawn helped me clean off the ceiling fans and vents and he even washed our front and back glass doors! He is such a man! Love him!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a GREAT DAY! Those flowers are SO PRETTY.. I can't believe they were only $2.50!

    Your little one is absolutely adorable in her sunglasses!! Such a little LADY! ha ha!

    That dinner looks AMAZING!!! I'm so hungry right now, so I could jump thru the screen and EAT IT! LOL!