Monday, March 28, 2011


This past weekend my parents offered to watch Lauren for a little while so that Shawn and I could have some time before our lives change drastically! Obviously we took them up on their offer as fast as we could. Ha!!! We aint fools!!!

We had a really great time together just hanging out. It was so nice to be able to really talk about what was about to happen and what our fears and plans were. I feel more prepared going into this newborn stage than I did with Lauren and so we had some great conversations about the reality of our lives and what we would need to do to help each other. :)

We stayed in town and got caught up on some movies....

Of course we had plenty of popcorn and junk for our movie marathon!

We also got to go out to dinner! Just the two of us! It was fabulous. Except for the fact that I swear my stomach has NO MORE ROOM!!! I get full so easily anymore. :) 

So thankful for parents who are willing to take good care of our little girl so we could have some time. :) We truly appreciated it!!!

I am also thankful for the man of my life. I love him so much and the quality time we were able to spend together just brought us closer before the craziness begins!!!

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  1. Glad you were able to have some time together before your family GROWS :-) Such a fun and exciting time!!!