Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Baby Yet!

Hey, I know I have been MIA lately and all I can say is that I have been super busy trying to get ready for little Easton's arrival. I know that I technically have 3 weeks left as of today, but my doctor led me to believe at my last appointment that we may get to meet him a little earlier than that. I'll know more at my appointment tomorrow, but it has sent my already overworked brain into overload!

My sweet mother-in-law came down this week and has been helping out with Lauren so that I can get my freezer cooking done a week early. I got SO much made yesterday and honestly, I am a little sore today and am thankful that I don't have as much to get accomplished in that area. Lauren has been totally monopolizing her time and enjoying getting spoiled by her Meme. I am so thankful that Bev is so willing to come and help out and spend time with her granddaughter. It has been such a blessing!!! I am so blessed with a mother and a mother-in-law who are so invested in our little family and who will help us out in any way they can!

I think I am going to go ahead and get my hospital bag packed later this week too. I have most of it done, but I still need to make the master list of items needed. I can't believe that in three weeks or less we will have a little girl and a little boy in our home.

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  1. I will be thinking about you, sweet Jen. Praying that everything goes smoothly and you are soon home with your blessed family of 4!!
    I miss talking to you. I wish you were closer so I could bring over chicken spaghetti the week after you give birth. ha! Do you know how many chicken spaghetti dishes we got from our church group? I never want to see it again :)