Monday, September 13, 2010


I definitely do not want to complain. But, I want to remember.

I'm thankful for this pregnancy. I can sometimes even be thankful for the sickness. But, if I am completely honest, I will be so very glad when I can say that the first trimester is behind me. I want nothing more than to feel like myself again.

Lauren has been absolutely precious while I've been not myself. A couple of times, I've had to tell her that my tummy hurts as I'm about to lose it. She will say, "me kik eh" (me kiss it) and then proceed to kiss my belly! Afterwards, she will look up at me with the sweetest face and say, "beh-er?" and I always say yes. In the midst of feeling my worst she can make me feel so good.

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  1. Hope the 2nd trimester comes quickly so you can feel better!!