Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Game Day

Saturday morning Shawn woke us all up bright and early to go hit some garage sales! Pregnant lady here needed to eat or else so we stopped at Panera first. Yum!!! Early morning looks good on me, right? Haha!

We were thinking since the weather was so nice we would hit some good ones. Not really the case. But, we had a lot of fun as a family! Lauren did find a pair of Clifford or in her words, "Clipper" house shoes that she HAD to have! I bought them knowing they would have to see the inside of my washing and drying machines before they would ever go on her feet. =)

After we had exhausted the five garage sales in our town, we headed to Bass Pro Shops. We needed to pick up a new tube for the lake and Shawn wanted to look at hunting gear. For his birthday (which is this FRIDAY) I told him Lauren and I would get him stocked up for the fast approaching hunting seasons. Of course, that means that we would pretend I had money to buy those clothes with and that it wasn't his own he was spending. Oh the joys of being married and being a stay at home mom!

We made it home around 11:15 and JUST IN TIME for the big game! Mizzou played at 11:30 so I scrambled to get our game day food fixed and get everyone changed into their game day gear.

I look like death warmed over in the picture of our family. Believe it or not, that was the best picture we got.

On the menu:
7 Layer Dip
Rice Krispie Shaped Footballs

Little Miss Lolo decided that dancing was way more fun than actually watching the game. It was precious to see her twirling around in her tutu skirt!


Of course the day was made even more perfect with a WIN by Mizzou. 



  1. So cute! You look adorable, you silly girl. I love Lauren's game day outfit, too! You're such a good wife for having the whole theme planned out to make opening day special.

  2. How fun! Love the Rice Krispie footballs! Too cute. Your little family is just adorable.