Friday, September 03, 2010

It's Been a While...

It has been a week.

If it seems like I've been distant this week, I have.

One of my dearest friends received devastating news at the beginning of the week that has had me on my knees for her. I don't understand and I've felt so lost trying to figure out the why. But, of course, I won't figure out the why. Only God knows. I am praying that I can be the kind of friend she needs right now. I feel so inadequate.

I've been pretty sick the past few days. And my house smells. Shawn says that it doesn't, but I know it does. I did this when I was pregnant with Lauren. I thought our old house smelled too. Musty. Maybe I should dust.

First trimester hormones are really kicking my butt. I am struggling with feeling like I am a loser mom right now. I just don't have the energy I WANT TO HAVE with Lauren and I am beating myself up about it. I know I am. I just can't stop. I feel  so not on top of things. And the TV has been on way too much.

Shawn took Lauren last night to run some errands and give me an hour to myself. I took a bubble bath and read a book. It was beautiful. When they got back, Lauren came running in saying, "Mama, pwise. Mama, pwise." It was the cutest thing ever. They had brought be back a surprise! Shawn knows how much I love country music (I grew up small town, people) and I am especially in love with Miranda Lambert. I adore her raspy tough girl sound and I have been wanting her CD for a sweet forever. Last night was my lucky night! It's been playing every since.

This morning Lauren and I had to get out of the house. It smells, remember? So, I came up with a list of places we could run without actually having to go in anywhere. It is such a pretty day here and driving around sounded absolutely perfect. She wanted to brush her teeth first. That's my girl.

We went to get my ring cleaned first. The jeweler that Shawn got my rings from has a drive up window. It took about five minutes and when they were done my rings looked like they did the day I got them. I couldn't believe how shiny they were. I'll be going once a month now!

We were going to head to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription for prenatal vitamins that don't make me hurl, but my mom called and needed us to run to the mall and pick up a pair of shoes for my brother. While we were there I saw these beautiful things!!!

Are those not the cutest things ever? She already has the pink ones, but these are darling! We didn't end up with them, but it wouldn't surprise me if we have to go back before this fall to pick them up. So.Stinking.Cute.

The shoe store workers were so nice to Lauren. They gave her a big sticker and three silly bands. Or is it bandz? I am obviously not cool enough to know the correct spelling. She absolutely loved them. We were walking around the mall and she said, "Mommy, wook." This is what I saw:

She had the most fun with those things.

I had the most fun with her.

We hit up the food court for lunch since we were both starving. I went for the Sbarro pizza (not the best I've had) and she wanted Chick-Fil-A nuggets. She LOVES their nuggets. I got some of their lemonade and it made my day.

On the way home we stopped at Walgreen's and a garage sale. I found an awesome old window for Lauren's new big girl room. I think it will look precious in there!!! It's still in the back of our car and I am too lazy to go get it and take a picture. So, I'll leave you with this one of my girl and her bands.

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  1. So sorry you've been so tired. I hope you get your energy back soon. :)