Thursday, September 23, 2010


BSF = Bible Study Fellowship

Yesterday was the first day of an almost year-round bible study that I am a part of. Last year, I went on Monday nights and Lauren stayed home...but this year, Lauren is old enough to be a part of the bible study herself so we go to the day class!!!

I wanted to get a picture of Lauren on her first day, but this is what I got! Ha! She was excited to go...just not excited to take a picture!

This bible study is so amazing and intensive. I absolutely love it. Last year we studied the book of John. This year we are studying Isaiah. In the first chapter I've already learned more than I ever really knew about Isaiah. I have a feeling that there will be some hard lessons learned during this study, but that is why I am doing it. I want to live the life God has for me and being so in-depth in His word helps me with perspective.

Lauren goes to her own little class while I am in small group and lecture. It is absolutely adorable! They have a little paper posted on the door with their schedule for the morning and it includes things like marching time, me and God time (their 10 minute rest time), gross motor time, Bible story time, snack time, singing hymns time, Bible verse time, and some free play too. When I dropped her off she did great. She went right to her teacher! She has a few friends in her class so I am sure it helps that she knows other kids in there. When I picked her up she was as happy as could be. Her teachers said she did great and they were so proud of her!!! I was too!!!

I had to make her a little pillow case with her name on it for her me and God time. I guess they use them like a rest mat. I was a little disappointed in how hers turned out but the truth is I had been putting it off and putting it off and then it was the night before and she had to have something, so I threw this together. Don't look too closely at the horrible sewing job. I truthfully didn't even care I just wanted to get it done! That is what I get for procrastinating!

I'm just thankful I didn't spell her name wrong. I was so over making it. =)

Every Wednesday, unless we are sick, we will be heading to Bible study. I am so excited to see how this exposure will grow Lauren and myself. We are already starting to sing the songs at home and learn her Bible verse for the week. I.Love.It.

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