Thursday, March 11, 2010

like a broken record.... the sickness in our home.

I am so over it. Oh, you've heard that before too?

Lauren woke up yesterday with some nastiness coming out of her nose, mouth, and eyes. It was strange and you better believe I called the doctor. Of course our insurance changed on March 1st so I had to call a new doctor. Grrr. Thankfully they had an opening that afternoon so I gathered my sweet thing and her sweet things (teddy and kitty) and headed to the doctor. For like the 5th time this year. Have I expressed how thoroughly I am over the sickness?

First of all, this new doctor's office doesn't check temperatures. What? Isn't that weird? He even said she felt warm to the touch, wrote it down on his little chart but wouldn't take her temperature. Even after I asked!!! What is up with that?

The diagnosis:

Ears: ear infection in right ear

Eyes: pink eye (oh my gosh that is so contagious and I already feel like mine are getting itchy and red)

Mouth: red throat, he said it was a nasty virus going around that has flu-like symptoms; sore throat (hers was red), fever (of course he didn't really check it!), and body aches.

Things we are doing to help her feel better:

Hot (warm) tea with honey
Spoonful of honey
Warm wash cloths on her eyes and nose area
Warm apple juice
Saline solution
Any other suggestions?

Oh, and I am supposed to work this afternoon....guess who will be rescheduling?!?


  1. Poor, sweet little girl! I've been praying for you guys!

  2. Carson is working on his 5th or 6th cold this winter... It's so frustrating! I feel for you.

    BTW... LOVE the blog. Very nice! Isn't it so fun to change it up???