Monday, March 15, 2010

dangerous decorating

Hello, my name is Jen and I have a fear of decorating.

To me, decorating is dangerous. It brings forth all sorts of insecurities I would rather lie and hide and say I don’t have.

I’m working on my insecurity. Well, God and I are working on it. It’s a painful process, but I already feel stronger for it. I’m putting down some of the insecurity I’ve clung to like a baby blanket for far too long. It’s scary, but really good.

To celebrate this I am going to start with something small and easy for my blog friends to handle. I’m going to share my adventures through decorating and I will pray that God clothes me with dignity only He can give so that I don’t worry that you hate it or think I made a bad choice! 

Okay, enough talk – here we go.

I have always wanted a chalkboard in my house…or at least for the past couple of months. We had this awkward and huge shelf on one wall of our dining area and I pretty much hated it. I had no idea what to put up there and it just stuck out and made the dining room feel really small. 

 So, down it went!

Shawn taped off an area that was perfect. I mean seriously perfect. My man is an engineer. Exact is not a far off dream for him. It is reality. Always. 

Then Shawn painted it. Oh, you thought my engineer would let me paint? I am seriously laughing right now. No, I usually get to tape (but not this time as it had to be exact) and do some rolling. He does all the cutting in and specific stuff. Since this was such a small space that needed to be pretty perfect, he did it and I cheered him on!

He made the frame from molding (I think). I told him I wanted it antiqued looking so he used white paint with a glaze over the top. 

I think our wall color and the frame color are a little too close, but I have some ideas for how to fix that!

I plan on buying a vinyl phrase to put above the chalkboard. Something inspiring and uplifting.

Also, I haven’t gotten to write on it yet because it says it takes a week to cure. I’ll post pictures of the final project when we get it all accomplished. 

This week I challenge you to tackle an area of insecurity (if you deal with it). It can be as simple as decorating or as serious as something that you would only share with God.
Go for it!


  1. I love your chalkboard, Jen! It's funny how you feel decorating is an area of insecurity for you because you have such a talent for it. You've inspired me tons in this area!

  2. I think everyone has insecurities - whether we admit it or not ;)

    I love the chalkboard. I have gotten brave and made a few myself. In the home we lived in before this one, I made one in the playroom that was chalkboard and magnetic. I bought really big foam magnetic letters. My oldest had so much fun with that wall learning to read. I can't wait to do it (soon) in this house for my youngest!

  3. Love, Love, Love!!! I may have to steal that idea! You are such a GREAT decorator!!

  4. I think it's kind of ugly.

    Hahahahahahaha. Totally kidding - it's GREAT!!!!! I love it. Very creative. And your house is super cute anyway. And you're super cute. And Lauren is super cute. And Shawn....well...anyway. Sorry - I'm on a roll tonight. You just keep at it girl. I think you're amazing.

  5. Jen, that is such a great idea. I think it is great and Lauren is going to have a blast writing on it. Your house is so stinking cute, don't know why you feel that you can't decorate.

    BTW...have you put pictures in those frames in your bedroom yet?!?!? =) Just playing!

  6. Love it! And I agree with everyone else. You have such a talent for decorating. I've stolen so many ideas from you!!