Thursday, March 04, 2010

and it was all yellow

I've been meaning to implement monthly fun days for a while now. I read about these on one of my favorite blogs ever. But, life got a little crazy with my job and sickness and such so I've been behind! Also, I have this little battle with perfectionism (which THIS book is helping me work through) so I've had a hard time just doing it.

I decided to start by having several "fun" days in a row to focus on colors! I really wanted to just spend a lot of quality time with Lauren and enjoy learning together. What a great day we had!

I started off with this idea of putting pipe cleaners through a sugar shaker. I saw this on a blog, but I cannot remember where. I am not claiming this one but if you know whose idea it is, feel free to contact me and I will update this post!!!

Lauren was great at this activity. In fact, surprisingly, she and I played with this for at least 20 minutes. I was shocked that my little bundle of energy was so fascinated with this VERY simple activity.

Of course she thought it looked like a cup with lots of straws, so she had to test it out!

We watched part of the movie, Meet the Colors. The first color they introduced was yellow - it was perfect! We only watched the yellow section because I didn't want to confuse her with too many colors at once! It was cute...a little weird, but cute.

Of course, we colored with yellow!

Next, I fixed her a yellow themed lunch. I served mac 'n cheese, vanilla pudding tinted with yellow food coloring, corn, and a little Peep. She was really excited when she first saw the set-up!

Then she saw the Peep and I think it scared her to death! She gasped and put her hand to her chest. She would not, I mean, would not take a bite of that thing. I felt bad for accidentally scaring her, but it was so hilarious!

After nap time (and a change into her sweet yellow tee and bow) we did our yellow craft. I'm planning on using the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear (idea from here) to work through some of the colors and so we chose the yellow duck from the book for our craft. I just cut out some shapes for the duck from the template found here out of construction paper and foam and got out the googly eye stickers and glue and we were set!

I was nervous about how she would do with the glue, but with a little assistance she did great!

Gluing on the feathers...

Is she not the cutest.thing.ever? We sang the 5 Little Ducks song over and over and she would flap her arms and "kak, kak, kak" like a duck! A.Dorable!!!

Playing outside in the yellow sunshine. What an absolutely gorgeous day after so many cold ones!

We had such a fun day with only a few meltdowns. ;) As we were reading some books tonight before bed, I asked Lauren to find something yellow on the page and she did it! That was such a sweet moment as I realized that a little bit of our fun, yellow day might have sunk in. I am excited to plan our next color day!!!


  1. I LOVE it!!!!! You are incredible. Seriously.

  2. So cute! What a great mommy you are! Also, I love the Peep story. I laughed.

  3. You're amazing! This is one of the sweetest posts ever!! Makes me really miss teaching with you!

  4. How fun! This is such a great idea! That's it, we are having color days this week at our house! I also loved the Peep story... too cute!

  5. You are so creative!!! Very cute!