Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh Christmas presents, oh Christmas presents...

So, I saw on one of my favorite "kiddy" blogs the idea to put together a little Christmas wish list for Lauren. Now, first and foremost...I am not advocating ANYONE going out to buy any or all of these items. I just thought it would be fun to throw out a few things that I really think she would like/get good use out of over the next years. Some of these things the grandparents have already said they might be getting, but some of it is new stuff that I thought might help with the question of what to get Lauren.... now you have some ideas. :) Again I feel as though I should clarify - I am NOT ASKING anyone to get Lauren presents (this is mainly for family who have asked what to get her) Also, if you are reading this and see anything that you have good or bad feedback on - I'd LOVE to hear it. I hate wasting money!!!!

A little table and chair set for her to play on/color on/eat on/whatever!!!

Touch and Feel books.... she is totally into reading and loves new textures. I really think she would like any book like this!

Lauren is just entering the stage of liking to play with crayons and even paint...can you see where this is going? I thought this little artist smock would be nice!!!

Finger paints!!! Oh the fun we could have!!!

Isn't this baby doll the cutest? I'd love for her to have a baby, but she hasn't really acted that interested in them so far. P.S. Did you know that there are baby dolls out there that are like 80 bucks? Seriously?!?!

She loves Play Doh and I thought this set was really cute with the little tools!!!

I'd love for Lauren to have a set of wooden blocks. I thought these were cute with the letters and pictures on them!
I really like this magnetic letter set from Melissa and Doug. I've seen a lot of really neat activities using these and I like that there are uppercase and lowercase letters!

How cute is this kitchen? I am not sure this particular one would work for our house though because it is a corner unit, and believe it or not, we do not have a corner open....unless I actually put it in the dining room....hmmmm... I do think Lauren would like this as she is really into pretend play!Of course, this cute little food set would be fun for her too! Also, a mess?!?!

Musical Instruments!!!!! Drum, xylophone, maracas, any of those would be fun!!!!!!!

Counting bears!!! These are great for color sorting, counting, texture, pretend play, and on and on!

How about this? I am thinking this would be sooo wonderful for indoor play during the cold winter months! Lauren LOVES the slide at the park and I can imagine she would really enjoy this mini version!

Shawn and I were also thinking of getting her a little reading chair for the living room....any thoughts?!?!

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  1. Fabulous ideas!!! I love Carson's table, but we STILL haven't painted it yet!