Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the big day

November 17th is here ya'll. I don't know why I said ya'll but it seemed to fit, so forgive me. 2 years ago today I found out I was pregnant after waiting for a while...today I bought 2 fantabulous cd's that I have been waiting a while for. Not quite the same? Oh well. I am still excited and giddy and if you could see me you would probably be ashamed for the crazy dance moves I've been busting out all up in my kitchen.

I DID NOT purchase these amazing cd's from ITunes. Don't get me wrong I love me some ITunes, but when it comes to my most favorite of all favorite singers ever I buy the hard copy ya'll. Again, sorry. I got my butt out of the house and made it to both Best Buy and CPO in order to get my hands on this ear pleasing music. Whoever beat me to Sara's CD at Best Buy, kuddos to you. Thankfully, John was waiting there for me and so all was well. The poor clerks that checked me out probably thought I was a crazy woman...seriously did they not know how important it was for me to get.out.to.the.car.as.fast.as.
humanly.possible.to.hear.the.sweet.sound.of.angels.voices? Guess they didn't get the memo that today is a momentous day in the world of music. Or at least in Jen's world of music.

I feel called to mention that Nora Jones also had a cd come out today and as much as I love me some Nora Jones, I had to pass that baby up. It is going to be hard enough for me to memorize every single word, note, and arrangement in these two cd's by tomorrow and I just didn't think it would be smart to add another artist to the mix. I have my sanity to think of people.

If you are wondering how I do this whole new cd thing, let me explain. Basically I listen to the songs over and over and over and over and over until I could sing the song word for word and dramatic note for dramatic note. I play the music in the background, in the car, and while I am putting on my makeup. It drives Shawn batty, but it is just me and I love it. I guess I should add that I cannot actually in real life sing. Just in case you were thinking of booking me for your wedding or next corporate party.

Now, I thought I would share a couple video's from the new cd's. The first one is called Twice as Good from Sara Groves new album. This song is a shout out(oh yeah, I just said "shout out" and I am twelve) to all my girlfriends. Seriously, life with you girls is half as hard and twice as good!

This next one, Half of My Heart, is by my John and Taylor Swift (love her). How cute is that?


  1. I really do not even know what kind of comment to leave here. You're just too much. Will you be singing in the car on the way to New Moon as well? If I could only be a fly on the wall...

  2. I"m excited to hear his new album... is that what they call it? You have made me a fan!