Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pulling Up

Oh Easton. Just a few days shy of your 8 month birthday you decided you were done sitting. Yep, you pretty much just made up your mind and then grabbed hold of your walker (it was wedged against a door) and stood right on up. No hesitation, no fear, no trouble.

Since then I have loved catching you enjoying your newfound freedom. Your favorite time to stand is when you wake from sleeping. I walk in and you are seriously beaming with joy and pride. No matter what kind of day I am having when I see that sweet smile (even behind that binkie) I melt into a huge puddle.

Also, I absolutely ADORE your hair when you wake up. I really don't think you could get any cuter. :)

I love you so much little man but I have to admit that I am getting more and more nervous about how big you are getting. It won't be long before you are using those sweet legs to walk run!

And PS.... we are lowering your crib tonight! :)

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