Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Boy and His Bath

Easton you LOVE bathtime. Seriously. Love. It.

You get SO excited when I start to run the water. You bounce up and down on your sweet little legs and grunt and reach for the water. Oh man...you are seriously almost too much. :) I am so thankful that you love your bath time so much...you are a messy little boy! Ha!!!

I am so glad I grabbed my camera to snap these pictures of you. I know (with such certainty that my heart hurts) that you will never again be the size you are today. These moments of laughing at your enthusiasm over a simple bath are the important things. They are the things I want to remember.

Every day I see more and more of your personality. Most of the time I get to see this sweet smiley face. ;)

or this silly one....

Yes, you are growing up. These pictures show me that you are not the newborn you once were. Yes, it hurts my mama heart to leave that in the past. I just thank God every single day (even in the midst of some rough ones) that God made me your mama. That he has given me another day to watch you grow, to teach you, to love on you, to cuddle you, and to play with you. For that I am so blessed.

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  1. Hi Jen! Visiting today and encouraged by your sweet mama-love. I went to school with Shawn and have a four-year old firstborn daughter, much like Lauren. The way you treasure your role as a mom is inspiring. :)