Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy (late) Eight Months, Easton!!!!

Dear Easton,

Well, technically this post is late as you turned 8 months on December 4th. Sorry, buddy. For one, you've been sick and I have been waiting to take your pictures when your nose wasn't all runny and full of junk. Finally today I just decided to take them...sick boy and all. At least it is a pretty good representation of how you spent the first weeks of your eighth month!

Taking pictures this month was hard! You are so funny and busy and you were not interested in sitting still at all! :) Plus, I forgot to comb your hair so you have a sweet little angel wing behind your left ear. Haha!

You are really such a happy baby. I LOVE your smile. It melts my heart every single time. You are still a really big mama's boy. But that's okay with me. I know that one day you'll be more interested in daddy and all the stuff that boys are into so right now I will enjoy all our sweet cuddle time. Even if my arm feels like it is about to fall off! :)

You are a big boy! I think I've said that every month but you are just so strong and big and boyish. I love it! You weigh 19 pounds!!! You wear size 9 to 12 month clothing and a size 3 shoe. I love dressing you like a little man and think you look absolutely precious in jeans and a long sleeve button up like your daddy wears.

You are crawling like crazy! It seems you make a bee-line for anything you aren't supposed to have. The outlet, the Christmas tree, the drawers, daddy's tools, Lauren's little toys, etc. It's like you know you aren't allowed to touch those things and so you race as fast as you can to get it before we notice.

You have been pulling up on furniture for a little while now, but today you cruised around the coffee table! I was so proud of you!!! And also a little sad for me...where is my baby going?

You love your sister. She fascinates you. You love to chase her around in your walker and she is so sweet with you. When you wake up from a nap she is the first to run upstairs and open your door to check on you. She always says, "hey handsome!"

You are still nursing, but not as much. You really LOVE table foods. Just this week you have had grilled cheese, pieces of cheese, black beans, green beans, little pieces of chicken, bread, muffins and more! You are SO cute feeding yourself and I think you are kind of over the baby food texture now that you've had a taste of the good stuff. :)

Son, I love you so much. Words will do it no justice, I know. You completed our family in a way that still baffles us. We really didn't know what we were missing before you. Now, it feels so perfect. So right. We love you more than you will ever know.

You are doing better with sleeping. You usually go to bed around 7:15 and then wake up around 4 to nurse. You are up for the day around 6:30 most days and then take two good naps throughout the day! You are the most precious thing when you are sleepy. As soon as I walk into your dark room and turn on your white noise you lay your little head on my shoulder. It happens every time and I love that you feel so comfortable in your room. Your daddy still checks on you (and sissy) every single night before we go to bed and he will often call me in there to see how cute you are and how peaceful you look. 

I love you to the moon and back fourteen million times. 


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