Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jared!!!

Last night we went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate Jared's 18th birthday!!! It was so much fun and we all got to act like kids again. Lauren and Easton were fascinated with the whole place and they both did great!!!!

I know this isn't an attractive picture of me, but its the only one I have to prove that I actually beat my brother, Zach at one game of skee-ball. I was just a tad bit excited!!!

Aunt Victoria was so sweet to help Lauren play a bunch of games. This was one of Lauren's favorites. The trash cans opened and she threw balls into them. She was actually a really great shot. And Aunt Victoria was super patient and sweet with her.

Oh my goodness....I LOVE this picture of my mom and dad and Easton! Everybody says that Easton looks like my dad and I think this picture shows that!!! Nammy and Easton were big buds all night. Usually he is a pretty big mama's boy, but he let Nammy hold him most of the evening! Probably because she walked him around and let him see all the lights and she sat him in front of the go-karts and he really loved to watch them!

Jared and his super sweet girlfriend, Taylour...oh and scary Shawn in the background!

Lauren calls him GiGi. She came up with it on her own when she was first learning to talk. This is a much better picture of the two of those cuties!

We were SO excited that Lauren wanted to ride the go-karts! She wanted to ride with Uncle Zach! Aren't they the cutest things? She is so blessed to have such awesome uncles!!!

Go-kart cheering section!!!

After Lauren rode the go-karts, GiGi, Big Papa, and Taylour rode the fast ones. I loved watching Lauren's face as they went around and around and around.

Lauren wanted to play a car racing game so Aunt Victoria did the feet pedals and Lauren steered. We were all cracking up because she was SO into it and serious. :) She actually did pretty well.....there were a few unfortunate trips into side rails and buildings and other cars on the road, but she stuck with it and seemed to enjoy it!

Aunt Victoria won Lauren a free go-kart ride so she wanted Big Papa to drive her. She was so happy because she wanted to ride in the tiger car!

Big Papa, Nammy, and Lauren had a lot of fun playing skee-ball. Lauren actually got the hang of it toward the end. Mostly her ball just kept coming back to her which was perfectly fine with her! It just meant more time for her to play!

We had a blast celebrating GiGi's 18th birthday and I was reminded again last night how thankful I am for my family. I love that we can all go do something silly and child-like and have the best time! Lauren and Easton are truly the luckiest kids in the world.

Happy Birthday Jared. I love you so much. You are a remarkable young man. You've gone through a lot the past few years and even in the midst of some scary stuff, you stayed strong. You crack me up all of the time. I love how much you adore my kids and I know that you would do anything for them. I love that you have your own style and personality and don't change a thing for anyone. I'm so glad I get to be your (weird and wacky) sister.

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  1. How fun! I'm so glad you all got to go and have a good time together! Ryan's favorite game was the trash can game as well.