Monday, November 21, 2011

Still Here

It seems when things get a little busy in life the lights shut down on this blog.

I hate that.

Because we are still living life! There are memories I need to be documenting! There are pictures that MUST be seen....:) There are pictures that NEED to be taken (where oh where is my camera? My iPhone one just isn't cutting it!)

We are loving our new house. Things are really starting to feel like home here. Can I just say how wonderful that is? We have plans for a kitchen demo soon. Like our fridge doesn't fit in the previous fridge spot so it is in the laundry room/mudroom soon. I'm just a tad bit giddy about it. Lots of ideas and I think we are going to do something different than we did with either of our last two houses. :)

One way that God has already blessed us is that we have great neighbors!!!! You don't know how hard I prayed about that very thing before we moved in. We never got to know our neighbors at our last fact it was more than just a little strange. But here, we have already met several of our new neighbors and I am just beyond thrilled. How wonderful to see how God provides even the littlest of things for us. :) Sometimes, those mean the most, right!?! I am so excited and my sweet mom helped me make up our family chex-mix recipe to use as little Thanksgiving gifts for our new friends! I need to make the bags pretty today! :)

I have been dreaming of Christmas but trying to stay in Thanksgiving mode. I don't want to rush past this wonderful season for reflection. I have so much to be thankful for this year. So. Much. I sense a post on that very subject is in order. :)

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