Wednesday, November 09, 2011


We are here. All moved in. Not unpacked. Living out of boxes.

I'm happy and excited and I feel so thankful for our new home.

I'm sad and nostalgic and wondering if this place will ever feel like "home."

We have so much work ahead of us and I just feel so unsettled that I am just struggling right now. I KNOW it will be okay and I AM thankful...just working through the emotions that come with change. Trying to find my new normal. Trying to find my niche again.

The kids are adjusting well. Lauren loves her new purple room and hasn't had any problems sleeping in it. Easton is doing well on the hardwood floors. (A worry I had before moving in) The playroom will be great when we figure out a storage system for all the toys.

It's been rainy and gray here the last few days so I know that hasn't helped my mood...but today it is sunshiny and bright. I'm thankful for that.

Trying to fight off the heaviness in my chest and just enjoy these moments.

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