Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Love

This afternoon we headed to the pumpkin patch with the kids. We'd spent most of the morning packing up boxes and getting our garage organized for the move so it was definitely fun to get out and enjoy the awesome fall weather with the kiddos!
We went to this same pumpkin patch last year but must have gone when it wasn't as busy. This year they were having their costume party thing so there were a ton of people there. Of course, our shy little one was a little overwhelmed at first. Thankfully, it didn't take too long for her to warm up to all the fun. It's so hard to believe that last year at this time I was newly pregnant and this year our little man is here and our family has changed so much!

Easton was obsessed with the pumpkins and we could not get him to look away from them for anything. :)

I absolutely love this picture of my two babies. Lauren was so great to try to hold her bubba while we got the picture. She is the best big sister ever and he absolutely adores her.

Picking pumpkins! We actually didn't end up getting any. They were pretty picked over and since we are moving so soon we decided to just enjoy the pumpkins we already have at home.

Easton is teething right now so he chews on absolutely everything right now. He looks like such a big boy to me sitting up in the stroller.

I love this little girl more than words can express. She brings a joy to my life that I never even knew existed before her. I thank God every single day that he made me her mama. How lucky am I?

My heart swells when I see these two together. She is a daddy's girl and he loves her so much. I am a daddy's girl myself and I would want nothing less for my girl. There is something so special about that relationship.

She was just brave enough to stand on the hay bales that all the other kids were running through. She wanted me to go in with her but it was only for little ones so I couldn't. Even though we tried to reassure her, there were just too many kiddos running wild in there for her to feel comfortable enough to go for it.

For the record, we are a John Deere family (as evidenced by her sweet boots) but the only tractor available was this blue one... ;)

Of course, no visit to the pumpkin farm could be complete without a trip to their awesome farm playground!!! Do you see me there in the background? Yep, I had to climb up in there for her to play.

Look at these eyes! I die. Seriously - where did those bright blue babies come from?

Shawn even went into the barn with her. What a daddy, right?!?!

We had so much fun and both kids really enjoyed being outside. It was the best break from packing and stress over moving. :) I wonder what next year will look like...


  1. So cute! Ryan is too scared to go down the slide without one of us up there with him, too.

    You got some really cute pictures!!!

  2. Love all the pics, but the one with you and Lauren in the field with her arms out great! She looks so like something you would do!!!