Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Goals

I've been off-schedule and unmotivated for far too long around here. I have my trusty planner but it is seeing less and less action lately. Time for a change! Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has been posting her 10 weekly goals and I love how she broke them into categories. So, with only a few category changes of my own I am shamelessly going to use her awesome outline and idea!

Family/Mothering Goals:

1. Read aloud for 15 minutes to my children every day. Play quiet music and hopefully move into a routine of read-aloud and then individual reading time that lasts a total of 30 minutes.

2. Paint pumpkins together. (Possibly carve pumpkins with daddy if evenings aren't too crazy!)

3. Go on a date with my husband. Yippee!

Personal Goals:

4. Finish re-reading Loving The Little Years.

5. Blog! Here and over at When You Rise.

Home Management Goals:

6. Begin packing up kitchen for move.

7. Continue getting address changed for companies we use.

8. Spend 10 minutes each day cleaning up bedrooms and bathrooms...make beds daily!

9. Begin gathering resources for new Home Management binder to use at new house.

Other Goals:

10. Get garage sale items priced and organized for the sale this weekend!

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