Monday, August 08, 2011

Happy Four Months, Easton!!!

Dear Easton,

Son, you are growing so fast! It seems like every time I blink you have grown another inch or are learning something new. This past month has been a lot of fun since you are really becoming an active part of our family. You love to be involved in whatever we are doing and you charm us all with your darling smiles.

You are so big! You weigh 15 pounds and are growing out of your three month clothing! Three to six month clothes fit you best, but you wear some six month stuff too. I feel like I am packing away clothes and bringing out new sizes before you have even gotten a chance to wear most of it. We are so thankful for some dear friends who have loaned us many of your cute boy clothes.

You wear size two diapers and we go through a lot of them! You are definitely all boy! When you have a poopy - you go all out. You haven't peed on me in a while now so I am either getting faster at changing you or you are a little more in control of yourself!

One major milestone happened this month! You started sleeping exclusively in your crib. No more sweet bassinet for you. I know that it was time since you were practically longer than the bassinet itself! Ha! I didn't want to move you because I loved you being right beside me, but you are so much more comfortable in your big boy crib! I really hoped that by moving you to the crib you would sleep longer. Well, the first few nights you did great, going five to six hours straight. Not so much anymore. You are up at least every three hours still and I'll be completely is starting to wear on me a little. I have huge dark circles under my eyes from you little man, but I guess they are worth it.

I feel like this past month we've been given a sweet glimpse of your personality. You are definitely a mama's boy and love to be held, but you also really like to have your own space. You will lie on your blanket in the living room and watch everything around you "talking" to us and smiling (especially when we play peek-a-boo with you). You still adore your sister and she can make you laugh really easily.

You are a pretty good eater, although you still will not take a bottle! We've tried so many different kinds and you are not having any of them. Nammy fed you oatmeal cereal for the first time this past week while Daddy, Lauren, and I went to a pool party for Daddy's work. I think we are going to add it to our nighttime routine with you...maybe it will help you stay more full for longer? And sleep longer?

You are super close to rolling over. If you could get your arm out of the way you would be gone. You kick your leg over and have the most fun flopping around. You still like your bouncy seat even though you are really getting too big for it. You also still sit in your swing every now and then. We have been talking about getting your exersaucer thing out soon. It is so hard to believe you are almost ready for that!

We think you might be cutting a tooth (or two teeth) on the bottom. You are mad chewing on everything right now. You've also been a little more cranky than normal. I can see just a little white bump on the bottom but nothing has broken through yet. It seems really early for you to be teething! I've given you tylenol a couple of times when nothing else seemed to soothe you. You do love your teethers. Especially the ones I put in the fridge to get them really cold for you and your Sophie the Giraffe.

You have brought so much fun and joy to our family and we are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents. We think you are just the cutest little boy ever.

We love you so much son and we can't wait to see what big things the next month brings for you and for us. Your laughter and smiles are so precious to us.

I love you to the moon and back fourteen million times!!!