Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorite Things: Baby Edition

Here are a few things I could not live without as I navigate this new world with a newborn and a toddler!

1. The Itzbeen timer!

I ADORE this piece of equipment. I can't believe I didn't have one with Lauren. This helps me keep track of how long between feedings, diaper changes, sleep, etc! I love that it is small enough to stick in my purse or diaper bag when we go places so that I can keep track. Honestly, my brain is so thankful for this guy. :)

2. Aden + Anais swaddle blanket.

My darling (and super stylish) friend Cami got us our first Aden + Anais blanket and it was evident right from the start that we would need an extra to have on hand. My mom got Easton the adorable monkey one in the picture above. Best swaddle blanket ever! It is SO soft and BIG and BREATHABLE! I use this to swaddle at night as well as a light blanket to take with us on outings. Easton loves them and so do I. I think this will be my go to gift for baby showers from now on!

3. Jesus Calling by Sara Young.

I have LOVED reading this short little daily devotional as it has been harder for me to find a ton of extra time for in depth Bible study. This devotional is set up as though Jesus is speaking directly to you. Scriptures are used and referenced and it has just been a breath of fresh air for this tired mama.

4. Don't Make Me Come Up There by Kristen Welch.

This is another sweet book I've been reading in the wee hours of the night. Cute little stories from a real mom with a biblical perspective. 

5. Tervis Tumbler.

I have been living on water and I LOVE putting it in my Tervis Tumbler. It doesn't sweat and it keeps my water nice and cold...even at 4 a.m. :)

6. My iPhone

I have been so thankful for my phone this time around. I don't have a lot of time to blog, but I love to check up on my favorite blogs in the middle of the night or during feedings during the day. It is much easier than pulling the computer out!

7. Words with Friends

 This is another thing I use when I'm nursing in the middle of the night to keep me awake! Play me!!!

I'm sure there are a few other things I am forgetting, but these are the things that stick out to me tonight. :) 


  1. I've been wondering about those timers!! I'm glad you gave a good review ;-)

  2. Glad you love the blankie...I still take one with me most of the time for Austin....perfect blakie as far as I am concerned....have you felt the Bamboo ones? AHHH!!!! Not as many cute patterns, but I am sure they will come out with more!

  3. Where did you buy your swaddle blanket?