Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family." ~ Anthony Brandt

My heart is so full. I cannot believe how Easton's arrival has changed our sweet little family for the better. He is a darling child and I catch myself staring at him and just wondering what he will be like in a week, a month, a year. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that he has stolen all of our hearts.

The most tender and precious thing to me has been watching the relationship form between him and Lauren. Theirs is a bond that will remain throughout their lives and I feel so privileged to be here witnessing the start of it. I worried for so long about what adding a new little love to our family would do to Lauren. I shouldn't have. I have realized in this last week that we have truly given her the best gift...a sibling. A brother to have adventures with, get into mischief with, and love with all of her heart. She melts my heart with her tender care of him. Running at the first cry he makes and saying, "No worry, brubber, my right here." She has been the biggest help in some of the most expected and unexpected ways. She loves to get his binkie or blanket and wants to be right there helping change diapers. But, he is also the first one she asks about when she wakes from a nap or for the day. She cuddles close to me when I feed him and aside from some funny comments (which may or may not be blog appropriate, haha *email me if you want to know!) she hasn't seemed phased at all about me holding him. In fact, if I am busy feeding him and she needs something she either waits or just asks her daddy to help her with it. If it is even possible, my love for her has grown this week as I've watched her sweet heart at work.

This is Lauren's first real close up glimpse of Easton in the hospital. She was the first one in the room to see him and I was so glad she was. It was exactly what I wanted.

We tried out Easton's travel swing and he likes it for just a little while. 

Peeking in at baby brother fast asleep. 

I love these kids more than I ever thought could be possible. I feel so blessed and honored that God called me to be their mother. It is a daunting task, but I am finding that if I take it day by day He gives me the strength and courage to do this thing.


  1. So sweet. And I LOVE the swaddling job. I'm very proud. ;)

  2. What darling children you have! I'm so glad God has taken away your fears and is allowing you to enjoy watching Lauren with Easton.

  3. I love this took me back and reminded me of a year ago when we were in this same phase. You are right on with the new love you feel when you see your older love on your younger one! I caught myself feeling all gushie this weekend as Amelia was playing with Austin and he was CRACKING was awesome. The fun has just begun!!!!

  4. I just knew Lauren would do great!!! Isaac still asks where Silas is all the time (even in the midst of a jealous phase he's going through right now). It makes my heart swell when I see how they both love each other. Just wait until Easton starts reciprocating the love... it's almost too much!!!

  5. This is BEYOND precious!!!!!! God is SO GOOD! :-)