Tuesday, May 04, 2010

melissa and doug, you have stolen our hearts and made playtime so much more fun

Melissa and Doug toys are the best. Seriously - the.best. I love them and so does Lauren, which is really the most important factor, right?

My friend Leslie got Lauren her first Melissa and Doug puzzle and Lauren has been really good at putting together for a while now!

Just recently I got Lauren a set of their nesting blocks. I wasn't sure if I was wasting money on them but after having them for over a week, I am so glad I bought them. I found them at Marshall's for $7.99!!!

They are so much fun because Lauren can stack them or nest them or knock them over or look at the pictures on the sides or.... You get it!


So proud!

Hiding the baby blocks and thinking about where it is. Too cute!!!

Being a total goof!!!

I just got her a new Melissa and Doug shapes/colors puzzle and she's been having fun putting it together. Here's a video of her!!

Here is a video of her playing with the Melissa and Dough lacing beads. She asks for her beads a lot. Love the end of this one!!!

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