Tuesday, August 11, 2009

feeling crafty


I've been in a funk lately. Many of you know this. I still haven't figured out exactly what is causing it, but I am about sick of it! I always feel better after crafting so tonight I decided to lock myself away for a few hours after Lauren went to bed and Shawn went to play poker and just get into my creative zone and out of my funk.

First, I finished up a tea towel I made for my mama. My friend, Carissa, gave me the idea and I am loving making them... If I were doing this one again, I would make the cursive embroidered letters larger.

Next I worked on some secret projects for my friend Megan. She reads my blog so I can't post pictures of those just yet! :)

Then, I made Lauren this blanket out of fleece. It is sooo soft and comfortable and it will be perfect this fall and winter!

I went ahead and added an applique "L" to make it more personal! :) It made me so happy!!!

Don't you want to curl up under that?!?! I do...in fact, I am in the process of making myself one. Now, should I applique a "J" on mine or is it too much? Hmmm....We shall see!!!

I'm feeling better already!


With the help of my mom's sewing machine and my trusty coke I finished my blanket!!!

I really like how it turned out. I can already see this becoming my car blanket. I always get cold when we travel...yay!!!

P.S. Did it surprise anyone that I went with the initial, J? No? I didn't think it would.


  1. You've got to teach me how to make those tea towels! Seriously!! Love the blanket, too! It's perfect! Sign me up for a tea towel tutorial, ok?

  2. Lookin' good Mrs. Barry.... Love it!