Monday, February 09, 2009

i love...

Method cleaners. I found out about these amazing products from Megan. Read her post about them here. I have waited my whole adult life for these products. After years of dealing with the harsh chemical smells and dangerous bleaching capabilities of so many products (don't ask me how I know) I have found my cleaning love.

First of all, they smell amazingly fresh. Today I went to Target alone (my mom was giving me a break) and I literally stood in the Method aisle for 15 minutes just smelling them. I wanted them all. Every single one. I kept trying to justify spending that much money at one time. We could go without groceries for a week, right? That trash bill can wait, right? Unfortunately I had to leave many of those beautiful bottles behind. It was hard to choose, but finally I ended up walking away the proud owner of a wonderfully minty smelling tub and tile cleaner because I love my bath tub.

Secondly, these are the kind of products that literally make you want to clean. I am serious. You can't help it - something comes over you. Maybe it is the immense desire to smell that awesomeness all throughout your house. Who knows!? Anyway, all I know is that I was a cleaning machine tonight. My bathroom has never smelled so wonderful or looked so sparkly clean. And, I just walked back in there hours after the cleaning spree and it still smells good. Let me repeat that - it. still. smells. good.

Thirdly, well I don't really have a thirdly. Let me think.....ummm they are pretty. I mean they are packaged prettily (is that a word?) They look really cool in your hands when you are cleaning? I don't know. I just know they are awesome and you should go buy some.

By the way the only place I have seen them is Target which is just fine with me because I always love me some Target.


  1. They ARE addicting - watch out!

  2. Ok, I'm sold! I've got to try it out!

  3. Hey I am sure I can find some dirt if you want to come on down.....

  4. I'm in too....
    I'm going to try it. You have become quite an influence on me...