Monday, February 23, 2009

conquering the linen closet

I have been putting off cleaning out and re-organizing our linen closet for FOREVER. When we moved in it sort of became a dumping ground for anything we didn't know where to put or just wanted to hide away for a while. I've been reading the book, Smart Organizing, that my friend Tammy surprised me with a while ago and have enjoyed implementing some of the strategies for creating and maintaining an organized home. Armed with the tips in the book, I finally decided to whip the closet in to shape. I must really love you all to be showing the state of my linen closet pre-organization. :)
Notice the open medicine container and all of the cleaning supplies that Lauren could easily get into. Also, if you look closely in the bottom right cabinet you will see the Uppercase Living stickers I haven't used yet! If anyone is looking for some, let me know...I just might have what you are looking for! :)

Here is the closet after about an hour of work. Everything is in its place! It felt so good to be able to close those doors knowing that what was behind them wouldn't scare me anymore! I am a little bit of a nerd and like to code my containers. I learned that while student teaching with Shari. If you know Shari, you can understand! :) I love that girl! Shari, if you are reading this - YOU should write a book on organization, or life, or just about anything you wise lady!

When I was done, I sat down with a tall glass of sweet tea and then, of course, Lauren woke up.


  1. It looks amazing! Can I pay you to come and organize my bathroom closet and the pantry? There's not been one time when I've gone to put something away in my classroom that I haven't thought about you and how organized your classroom always was!

  2. That looks so great! And I have some Uppercase Living all rolled up, too! I ordered it like a year ago for Addison's room. Oh well - maybe someday I'll get to it!

  3. Your closets look superb! BUT your before picture would be a great after picture for my closet! HA!

  4. Great job! It made me go and look through my closets to see what I could do to improve. Isn't organizing fun!!