Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Day

We haven't had much snow the last few years around here. I seriously remember being a young child and going sledding or building snowmen multiple times each winter. Anyway, we had a small snow on Tuesday and the kids and I enjoyed playing out in it for a bit. We attempted a snowman but there just wasn't enough and Shawn wasn't here...he's our master snowman builder.

The view out my kitchen window was pretty spectacular.

And the kids were so ready to break in their snow boots that haven't gotten much action this year. Unless you count wearing them around the house with their pj's.

It was snowing lightly and Lauren kept trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Don't mind the pink gloves....we couldn't find his manly ones so he borrowed sissy's. :)

Yummy SNOW!

Of course no snow outing is complete without a few snow angels.

We played outside for about 30 minutes and then decided the wind was pretty chilly so we headed in for some hot warm chocolate.

The snow day was great, but I'm not gonna lie...I'm dreaming of SPRING!!!!

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  1. Sweet pic's of our Favorite GGK's!!! Looks like mommy is being an Awesome mommy!!! love you guy's