Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Lake, Baby!

If you know me very well at all then you know that most summer weekends I can be found with my family at the lake. We are a lake loving family. (I know there are some of you out there who aren't and I try not to hold it against you.) We eat it up. Seriously. Sometimes, we do eat the water...on accident of course.

When I say that it is a family affair, I mean it. My dad and mom have a permanent camper down there that our whole family pile into when we go. We sleep on air mattresses, fold out beds, whatever...just to be there. Then, my aunt and uncle have a camper set up just a few yards away. We meet each other on the water, play in coves, and tube until our arms are jello.

I wasn't exactly sure how this summer would go considering I. Just. Gave. Birth. and all, but I really wanted Lauren to have the experience of riding her Big Papa's (yes, that is the name she gave my dad, haha!) boat, tubing, and swimming in the lake. So, I bucked up my fears and pulled out Lauren's old life jacket that was the right size for Easton and we went. We went to the lake with a two month old! And, he was perfect. He didn't mind the life jacket (which we kept on him at all times and had hearts on it) and slept most of the time. We kept him under the big canopy of the boat so he never saw sun and the constant moving of the boat kept him nice and cool. I think we have another lake lover!!!

Lauren did fantastic. I was absolutely so proud of her. She has a really awesome life jacket that doesn't rub up against her neck. It is very comfortable for her and there were no complaints that she didn't want to wear it.

Mostly I was so proud of her because she rode the tube!!! My dad didn't go very fast at all but she thought she was something else. I really wanted her first tubing experience to not be scary at all. She loved it and rode the tube more than anyone else got to that day.

She loved swimming in the lake. It really hit me how grown up she is getting. (I know she is only almost 3, but that is way closer to Kindergarten than I even want to think about and Kindergarten just leads to her High School graduation and can we just not talk about it already?)

But should we talk about it...don't you think this would be the perfect picture to put in her yearbook?


  1. Love it! I'm mildly jealous of your access to the lake, but I'm happy you had a great time! And yes that picture needs to go in the yearbook.

  2. SO GLAD ya'll had fun! She is such a cutie!!! :-)

  3. How fun! Love family traditions!! Your kiddos are so precious.

  4. Oh the joys of having a boy after a girl. The life vest with the hearts on it (at least it's blue!!) We went on a bike ride and Austin got to wear Amelia's PINK PRINCESS helmet because it fit him. Why would we go buy another one??? hahaha!!! That and the pink snack traps and sippies have this boy getting in touch with his feminine side!