Sunday, September 27, 2009

thank you

Dear Shawn,

Tomorrow is Monday. You will wake up before me and to this quiet house. You will tread softly around so as not to wake our sweet, sleeping girl or myself. You will make your coffee and slip in to kiss me on the forehead before you leave for a full day of work. You will do all of this before my eyes truly open for the day. You will be gone before I can tell you just how thankful I am for you.

How can I thank you enough for letting me start this week at home? How can I thank you enough for letting me spend my days with our growing girl? How can I thank you enough for the opportunity to be a teacher still in my own home?

Tomorrow as you deal with a million pressing deadlines all heaped on your plate, as you drown in paperwork that continues to come in, as you get the brunt of someone else and their bad mood, and as you earn every penny they pay you, know that I am thankful. Know that Lauren is thankful. Know that we are learning, playing, crying, learning some more, laughing, and loving. Know that we are crazy about each other and are having a ball.

I wouldn't be whole anywhere else. I love you for knowing that about me.


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