Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ultrasound Day

Monday, November 15th, I woke up a bundle of excitement and nerves. We had spent the weekend at my parent's house so Shawn could hunt opening weekend and we decided we'd just leave from their house Monday so that he could hunt that morning as well.

Because our doctor's office won't allow children and we needed a babysitter for Miss Lauren, my mom offered to just keep Lauren with her that day and then bring her back to us that evening. Of course that arrangement worked perfectly for Miss Lolo...she was given an extra day of being spoiled!

Shawn and me before we left for our exciting day!!!

Since we don't ever get to go on dates during the day, we decided it might be fun to head up a little early, eat lunch somewhere, and do a little shopping. We had so much fun. We ate at a little tea room (my choice) and then looked around at several furniture stores. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my hubby!!!

When we got to the doctor's office we were both so excited to find out if we would be having another precious girl or an all new to us little boy. It didn't take them long to call our names and we headed back to the ultrasound room. When I got situated, our sweet technician put the magic wand on my belly and announced within five seconds...."It's a boy." Shawn and I were both shocked. We'd told her before hand that we wanted to know the gender, but honestly I had no idea she would be able to tell that quickly. Ha! I guess our little guy isn't shy at all. =) She showed us the four chambers of his tiny beating heart, his stomach, lungs, and his little skull. She said that everything looked great and I think Shawn and I were both so relieved to hear that and to see his sweet little arms, legs, toes, and fingers too! It was really precious to watch him move his sweet little self around!!!

Here are a few pictures of our little man!

He looks like skeleton man here, but I can still see the sweet face of my baby boy!

And here is the proof that he is all BOY! He'll probably kill me for this one one day, haha!

After visiting with our doctor for a few minutes, we headed out to do a little Christmas shopping for Lauren and to find something for this sweet BOY of ours. =) Shawn and I talked about how we were both  excited for boy shopping since all we've done the past two years is shop for a little girl. We found a few cute things, but one item caught both of us and we had to have it!!!

The colors are inspiring me to start planning his room....but I have a while to think about that!


  1. Congratulations....you will find quickly that shopping for cute girl stuff is a lot easier than finding cute boy stuff! Even now, I will go looking for both and end up with a heck of a lot more stuff for Amelia than Austin! You need to check out www.zulily.com, babysteals.com, kidsteals.com for daily deals!

  2. Oh, wow! A boy! Congratulations!