Saturday, April 17, 2010


I think I failed to mention in my last post that we are also in the process of gutting the front landscaping and completely re-doing it. Yes, also. We are crazy. We are. We know.

Our little helper:

The before pictures:

And the after (so-far) pictures:

We removed most of the ugly rock and the bushes that were overgrown and hard to manage. Next, we'll be filling back in with dirt and a layer of that plastic stuff. We still have to pick out the plants/bushes we are putting back and then we'll top it off with a new stone border and mulch. We are adding new light fixtures and some pretties like hanging baskets and window baskets full of flowers too, but those will have to wait until the hard work is done. Will it ever be done? My back sure hopes so!!!


  1. I am sure that is going to look great when it's all finished! We just moved into a house in Nov. and just have the "builder" landscaping so were thinking about doing something's so hard to plan out and pick stuff though!

  2. We did this too this weekend! It looks so much better. Lowes had some good deals on plants and bushes we ended up using. Kyler was all about all the worms! =)