Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've mentioned this before, but we sponsor a child through Compassion. His name is Leo and he lives in El Salvador. We've been sponsoring him since last November and even though we'd written several letters we hadn't heard from him. I knew this would be the case as it can take a while for the letters to be processed and meticulously translated but I was still so anxious to hear from him.

I had started wondering if what we were doing mattered. Was Leo getting any of our letters? Were we just throwing away money? I know I jumped the gun. I was impatient. I think living in the day and age of the instant makes it difficult to sit back and wait or even appreciate "snail" mail. Anyway, God and I had been having lots and lots of dialog about this very thing. I felt like Thomas, wanting to see and feel before I could truly believe. I tried to be patient, I tried to be confident but I failed time and time again.

Then today, brought by the hands of God, this came:

and I believed.

Leo wrote to us. He sent us a Valentine's day card and two precious pictures of himself. I cried. I knew God brought these letters to my doorstep. Today and not yesterday. Not because He had to. Because He loves me enough to know that I needed to see and touch and breathe in the life of this little boy through his words. I needed to know that he loves to draw and that his favorite Bible verse is Psalm 119:105.

I lost it when I read these words of Leo's:

My oldest brother is very intelligent, and my 2nd brother is loving, but I was in need of a little sister, so I am happy to know Lauren. She is so beautiful and her birthday is on July 21st, just like me. 

Yes, dear child, you have a sister now. And she has a brother that she will grow up knowing about and praying for.

Leo happened to mention that he loves the ocean so you better believe that boy is getting some ocean themed stuff! I hope he delights in his letters as much as we did his.

I cannot encourage you enough to give Compassion a thought. Pray about what you can do. There are lots and lots of kids like Leo who need sponsors. I can tell you now from experience that it matters. It matters a whole lot.


  1. This made me cry! How perfectly did God orchestrate this pairing! It's so wonderful what you're doing and that Lauren gets to be a part of praying and loving him!

  2. I found your blog through you comment on MckMama's blog. Thanks for sharing. During MckMama's trip to Kenya I began sponsoring a little girl, Olympia. I have written to her 3 times and am SO anxious to get a letter from her. I can't wait until that day!