Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Beauty and The Bull

I'm gonna be honest here...I kind of really don't like Halloween. It's nothing serious or well thought just kind of gives me the creeps. You know, walking around in the dark in full on costume garb to knock on someone's door you don't. even. know. and ask for candy (without razorblades, preferably!) Nope...I'm not a huge fan at all. BUT - I am a fan of this new fad called Trunk or Treat. Our church put one on last night and it was awesome. I loved seeing all the little ones in their costumes and it wasn't creepy at all! And, I'll admit that having little ones helps me like the holiday a little more too...I mean how could you not when you see these cuties?

Lauren was Belle and Easton was a Bull. Mooooo!

I loved fixing Lauren's hair all fancy-like. She didn't enjoy the process, but she loved the end result! She left it in all night (except for a small stint without the tiara) so I knew it was a success!

 I love these little ones so much. I am a blessed mama for sure.

These pics were all taken before we left for the Trunk or Treat. Most of my pics from there are pretty dark and also I'm too lazy to upload them right now! ;) We had a very Happy Halloween!


  1. Cutest princess and bull EVER! :) So glad you guys had a nice Halloween!!!!